Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Oklahoma teachers' union calls for end to strike

Oklahoma teachers' union calls for end to strike

Millcreek Education Association president Jon Cacchione says he supports the decision to arm teachers with bats, which will be locked up in each classroom.

Teachers in the Midwestern US state of Oklahoma called off their historic demonstration at the state Capitol Thursday, with their demands for additional public school funding only partially met.

With almost 40,000 members, the Oklahoma Education Association represents many, but not all of the state's teachers.

He says some teachers intend to stay off the job until the Legislature approves more funding.

Schools Superintendent, William Hall, said on Tuesday that the sticks were largely symbolic - a "last resort" for teachers who want to fight back, not just hide and wait. That's why it's hard to imagine why a Pennsylvania school district thought that giving teachers mini baseball bats was the best way to defend against an actual weapon of war, yet, here we are.

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In announcing an end to the walkout, the Oklahoma Education Association said it was now focused on the November elections. They're going to come back with more attention than if they had if they were working straight through... Though the school governing board and the public appear sympathetic to teacher pay concerns, neither would be tolerant of a long shutdown of the expensive public school system.

Gov. Fallin said in her statement on OEA's call to end the strike, "I am very proud that Republican lawmakers have led the way on increasing educational expenditures for Oklahoma's students this session".

Teachers did not win the repeal of the capital gains tax exemption that they pushed for this week, which would reportedly would bring in $120 million annually.

"We have unfinished business", Karleskint said.

The union says it chose to end the walkout after polling its members.

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If there is a walkout, it could be a long one: Teachers statewide are demanding a 20 percent raise from the Legislature.

"It is due to their voices that they were going to be here and what they were going to accomplish that helped move this piece of legislation, I really truly feel like that legislature wanted to get it done quickly so people wouldn't come - that didn't work", Bishop said.

Teachers at the Millcreek Township School District, in Pennsylvania, received the mini bats after a training day on how to respond to school shootings, reported Erie News Now.

Ms. DeArman said she planned to vote this year and would be carefully considering candidates' education platforms.

But the teachers argued that while they were grateful for the pay raises, they also needed money for classroom repairs, new supplies and updated textbooks. Others will send delegates to talk with lawmakers about increasing funding.

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