Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

Gmail promises to show a new "radical" upgrade

Gmail promises to show a new

'We'll provide more details about this new offline setting and the eventual shutdown of the Gmail Offline Chrome app in future communications on the G Suite Updates blog'.

What's up with the new Gmail?

This afternoon, the web redesign, with features like Smart Reply, snoozing, and widget-like plugins, has leaked.

Google notes that these features will arrive first as a part of an Early Adopter Program [EAP] for G Suite customers, but that it will also be made available for personal Gmail accounts.

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Google is preparing to give Gmail a makeover, but the revamp may include more than just new layouts. The default layout highlights photos and attachments, a comfortable view doesn't highlight attachments, and a compact view increases the amount of messages visible on a single page. This means, like Google Inbox, there will be a "snooze" feature on Gmail after the new design has been rolled out.

G Suite is Google's cloud computing arm which also manages productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google.

Apparently, while Google's self-expiring emails aren't encrypted, users will have the option of confirming the recipient's identity by entering a person's phone number and sending a passcode in a text message.

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- Search results are also cached on the device so you can quickly re-access previous searches‚ even when you're offline‚ without incurring further data costs.

The new design looks much cleaner and has more material design elements similar to the recent Google Calendar redesign.

While these "confidential" emails are hard to forward or copy for the sender, it's important to note that there's no word of end-to-end encryption - suggesting that Google can still read the contents of your emails and comply with law enforcement if they're required to give information from your account - so don't send anything you wouldn't be fine with the authorities seeing. While it's possible the final design may end up looking quite different, it does match a description of the new design provided to TechCrunch today.

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Recently the company release a new design for Google Calendar with modern icons and colours.

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