Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
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Don't forget: Tax Day is Tuesday, April 17

Don't forget: Tax Day is Tuesday, April 17

If someone else claims you as a dependent, you don't have to file an income tax return if you make less than $6,350 from being someone else's employee and have less than $1,050 in income from investments; the threshold for self-employment also applies here.

"The IRS is never going ot reach you for the first time about a tax debt via phone call", said a representative from H&R Block.

All records of expenses, such as tuition, mortgage interest or real estate taxes, and if you run a business or farm, records of all related expenses.

Federal agents have been pursuing crime rings that use stolen Social Security numbers, resulting in a 50 percent drop in such crimes this year. In 2017, the IRS audited 1 in about 160 individual tax returns, the lowest rate since 2002, according to the Wall Street Journal. "The best way to start the DIY tax prep process is to make sure you have all the paperwork you need to file your return - if you don't you could end up filing a return that isn't accurate".

We'll cut to the chase here about filing for an extension: No, it's not bad - as long as you do it on time. Along those lines, there is no penalty for filing a late return if you're entitled to a refund.

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Tax payers are advised to request for submission extensions as soon as possible.

The agency says "Ghost" preparers are paid to prepare a tax return, but they do not sign it, either on paper of electronically.

To help with this, the IRS has provided a Withholding Calculator on

The United States Treasury Department has been intercepting the tax refunds of people who received over-payments of government benefits in the past.

"You could pay however you want", Welch said. The agency's workload was dramatically increased by the Republican tax law, which tasked the agency with immediately implementing hundreds of complicated revisions to the US tax code.

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A state senator took to the Senate floor Tuesday to express frustration with the slow pace of state income tax refunds being mailed to Iowans who are due to get money back.

If you think you are a victim of this case, look up the IRS number and call them directly. About 10 million taxpayers are expected to file for an extension, according to Forbes.

April 15, the usual deadline for filing or mailing income tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service, falls on a Sunday this year.

Dream of evading taxes and fleeing to a far-off foreign beach if you desire but remember that it is only a dream.

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