Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

PUBG tweaks 'zone of death' pacing in major new update

PUBG tweaks 'zone of death' pacing in major new update

The main tweak they are doing in the PC 1.0 update is changing the timing of the Blue zone which is a shrinking death circle which makes player gather in the same spot as time passes by in the game.

This latest update introduces some significant changes to the Blue Zone and Safe Zone, as well as removing all in-game clothing spawns.

The blue zone, as every PUBG player already knows, dictates the pace of the game by defining an increasingly smaller play area as the game goes on.

PUBG Corporation has also made some changes to Miramar, adding new areas and opportunities for high-tier loot in the northern portion of the map. There are some notable quality of life changes, bug fixes, map changes, and adjustments to how the Blue Zone will work.

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What do you think of PUBG's blue zone changes?

In addition to this PUBB Corp has reduced favoring of the land zone rather than water reducing players being left on islands towards the end of the game. Earlier this month they released the Savage Map in closed testing and now the new War Mode has gone live for the game in another timed event.

The Erangel map will now show the first safe zone thirty seconds sooner, and the first safe zone on Miramar will be visible from the air.

We've optimized the GPU performance of buildings seen from mid-range (all maps).

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As far as the Blue Zone is concerned, the changes also mirror the success of Savage by making gameplay faster across the board.

Players are also started with random loadouts.

In terms of features and content, the Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is lagging a little bit behind its PC counterpart, which is first to receive new features and updates.

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