Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Destiny 2 Season 3, Crucible changes revealed

Destiny 2 Season 3, Crucible changes revealed

The studio also released a new development roadmap for the game that covers the update coming alongside the second expansion, and updates for the summer and September.

Season Three marks the beginning of a new plan for how we deliver Crucible content.

Bungie has been hard at work trying to right the sinking ship that is Destiny 2.

The second expansion for Destiny 2, titled Warmind, will be launching on May 8, Bungie announced today.

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The developer announced that there will be a livestream on the 24th of April 2018 on where they will show off the new content and give players a closer look at the upcoming expansion.

The first Destiny 2 expansion was released past year and was met with mixed reviews, many of which called it an empty shell.

Season 3 is also when Bungie will mix Crucible maps a bit. However, as you can see in the full roadmap - check the small print - with the arrival of Private Matches, players will need to purchase each Expansion to have exclusive access to play those Crucible maps with other players in a private match. These include a number of changes, such as exotic weapon masterworks, seasonal Crucible rankings and a new Seasonal Event, among other things.

Bungie provides a few hints as to what they can expect beyond Warmind. Over the past few months, the player base has decreased rather significantly because the "Curse of Osiris" expansion placed numerous maps behind a paywall.

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"Our goals for these [season 4] features are to give you more control over how you configure your loadouts in Destiny 2 and give you more reasons to play the game over time", Bungie said.

I'm excited for new expansion, and very much looking forward to the trailer. Weapon randomization and slot changes are still a long way off, and so no matter how good Warmind is, the big question facing Bungie is whether anyone will be left to care about season 4 when it finally rolls around.

There's less than a month to go before the new content arrives, and will be part of the bigger Destiny 2 Roadmap being planned.

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