Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

Patch Tuesday update bumps Windows 10 Mobile to build 15424.369

File Manager has a dual-pane view with various directory branches on the left and folder contents on the right.

Microsoft's Craig Wittenberg revived File Manager last Friday in the "Original Windows File Manager (winfile) with enhancements" open source project hosted on GitHub.

While File Manager was introduced with Windows 3.0, Wittenberg said his source code was copied from the November 2007 Windows NT 4 source tree. File managers have become de-emphasized thanks to the more app-centric world of mobile devices, but once upon a time, they were pretty much the center of a user's computing world.

The entire history of File Manager is available in a Wikipedia entry.

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Windows 3.0's File Manager could also serve as a lesson and a seedbed for ideas on what and what not do with Windows File Explorer.

In total, there are two versions of the source code included in a so-called "master-branch". However, he says he hasn't substantially changed the design or structure of it.

Under the permissive free software license, Girls And Boys, Loaded with the software skills now in Vogue, can compile and run the original File Manager in Windows 10.

The source code is free to use under the fairly unrestrictive MIT License.

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Just scanning a specially-crafted file could lead to a totally compromised Windows machine.

Edge for Windows 10 Mobile, in addition to lacking service workers, doesn't support offline caching, either, so you'll need to be online for the app to work.

The next big Windows 10 patch is almost here, and it's loaded with new features.

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