Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

ZTE Iceberg is the first smartphone with two notches

ZTE Iceberg is the first smartphone with two notches

Wireless charging support is meant to be part of the package as well, whereas the bottom notch isn't just meant to allow for added audio functionality but has also been included for the goal of ensuring a fully symmetrical look, something that existing notch-equipped handsets lack. There is one at the top that houses the camera, earpiece, and sensor; and another at the bottom that houses yet another speaker. ZTE has thrown a new phone into the mix, and this one comes with two notches, yes you heard it right! ZTE has kept the specifications under the wraps, but the company is expected to launch the Iceberg later in 2018.

A rendered design of the phone was spotted on IF World Design Guide.

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The phone in question is now referred to as the ZTE Iceberg, and similar to what we've seen on other handsets, the notch at the top of its screen is home to a front-facing camera, ambient light sensor, and an earpiece for phone calls.

Would you buy the ZTE Iceberg if it launched to the public? Check out the Source link to see ZTE's design entry.

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Additionally, the ZTE Iceberg will have dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor on the back. There are some pogo pins at the bottom as well, which hints that the phone could come with modular accessories as well.

From Huawei to LG, nearly every top-leading smartphone manufacturers are up for implementing the full-screen concept by moving the camera and other primary sensors to a notch on the top edge of the smartphone, even though they mocked at Apple when the same came by iPhone X for the first time. Apart from the double chin, the rounded corners are square-ized outwards with glass panel extended from the display. This also means that the smartphone will support wireless charging as well. It makes the phone look a little like it belongs in a museum as a futuristic artifact or like it's encased in ice, hence the name Iceberg.

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