Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
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Ubisoft Details Ghost Recon Wildlands' Splinter Cell Crossover

Ubisoft Details Ghost Recon Wildlands' Splinter Cell Crossover

While the inclusion of stealth elements does fit in perfectly with the Splinter Cell theme, it's just a shame that Sam will merely be an NPC for players to interact with.

In Sam's latest mission, he's been tracking a new Central Intelligence Agency target all the way to Bolivia, where he's been sent to figure things out. Do you think Sam Fisher's appearance in Wildlands could hint towards it? The Ghost Recon Wildlands presents Splinter Cell update is being labelled Special Operations I for the newly announced Year Two of content for the game. This mission will be available with a new patch for Ghost Recon Wildlands along with a new class named the Echelon Assault Class. During the free-trial players will get full access to the game, which includes Ghost War, the Special Operation, and Predator Mission. They're also adding a new PVP mode called Sabotage, with five new maps.

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At the time, Ubisoft promised more concrete information would come out Monday and stuck to their word, according to Eurogamer. Ironside was missing from the last Splinter Cell game and the iconic voice of the character was surely missed, though rumors from a while ago suggested Ironside was working on something with Ubisoft.

This free update will go live today for owners of Ghost Recon: Wildlands on both consoles and PC and can be downloaded for free.

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With Sam Fisher set to show up in Wildlands, it would seem that Ubisoft is teasing for the future, reintroducing players to the character and getting people excited about a potential new Splinter Cell game.

Anyone who now owns the game will get the mission for free while the PvP content will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The mission itself will be permanently added as part of Special Operations I, but you'll have to complete it before the special challenge concludes on May 16 to get the rewards.

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