Published: Tue, April 10, 2018
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This Battle Royale bandwagon can only be a good thing

This Battle Royale bandwagon can only be a good thing

Developed by Boss Key Productions, Radical Heights enters Early Access on Steam April 10. Many gamers are already being cynical about Radical Heights.

The tweaks, labeled as the first instance of the Early Access process by the studio, make sense in the context of Boss Key's current standing.

Cliff Bleszinski's Boss Key Productions has made a decision to move on from LawBreakers, their entry in the burgeoning "Hero Shooter" genre, and will now compete with the big boys of the "Battle Royale" genre. Building a wealth of cash is as important as taking down the competition in this irreverent 80s-themed action game show where everyone wants to be rich and famous.

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Radical Heights' official trailer suggests that the players will have the option of depositing and withdrawing in-game cash during the middle of matches.

With the explosive popularity of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the list of battle royale games like PUBG will only keep growing. "We're huge fans of Battle Royale games along with the bright, inviting irreverence of the '80s aesthetic".

Boss Key is back and this time, self-publishing a brand-new title called Radical Heights! Players can also bank it to their account for use in other matches. Radical Heights, the new Battle Royale game from Boss Key takes the cartoon approach of Fortnite - but injects it with a sizable dose of '80s brightly coloured hair-metal cheese. From pretty much the moment PUBG launched into Steam early access, interest in other battle royale games - H1Z1, for instance - took a nosedive, and PUBG quickly became one of the most popular games we've ever seen.

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We also know there will be powerful gadgets like a deployable trampoline, remote explosives, inflatable decoys, and confetti bombs. Radical Heights also embraces various gameshow elements such as a spinnable prize wheel or prize doors you can open.

The claims center on the game's Founder's Pack, a $14.99 add-on.

So while every player starts with $0 on their person, they will be able to go to an ATM to withdraw money they have stashed.

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