Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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Snapchat Finally Enables iPhone X-Exclusive Filters

Snapchat Finally Enables iPhone X-Exclusive Filters

Snapchat has been working on this feature for a few months to get it ready, and it's finally here.

The new lenses include a Mardi-Gras mask, a Day of the Dead skull, and a gold-plated eye cover.

Dissimilar to traditional Lenses that depend on information from a phone's 2D camera to identify ruling facial features, like a user's eyebrows and mouth, iPhone X Lenses tap into information generated by TrueDepth.

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That mapping data is then passed on to apps, like Snapchat, which can use it for more precise modeling.

As soon as you open the app and focus the camera on your face, the lenses will automatically stick to your face with respect to the jawline area.

Snapchat says TrueDepth permits even the smallest points of interest and 3D objects in the lenses to take after your face's developments, influencing masks to look more reasonable than they normally are.

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To find the new iPhone X face filters, launch Snapchat and select the front camera.

So if you're the proud owner of an iPhone X, be sure to check out the special Snapchat lenses. While the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera data gives a new and more realistic look. You can go ahead and grab the updated version of the Snapchat application from the official AppStore's page for the iPhone X. Using the depth information allows Snapchat to more accurately pin virtual objects onto a subject's face. With this feature, the camera can detect even the tiny movements on your face.

There was news that Apple might be sharing facial mapping data to develop these lenses further. Apple's facial recognition system and underlying depth-sensing technology sparked the concern of privacy advocates, who questioned whether third parties should be granted access to such sensitive data. However, in future, the giant will add a bunch of new masks which the users of iPhone X can explore through the Snapchat application.

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