Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Constantine Will Join the Legends Full

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Constantine Will Join the Legends Full

John Constantine (Matt Ryan) has been upgraded to series regular, TV Guide has learned. As it stands right now, we don't actually know, and The CW will not confirm, that the time-traveling superhero show is, indeed, getting renewed. It's the culmination of a surprising turnaround following the one-season run of Constantine on NBC, from October 2014 to February 2015.

The CW has yet to renew Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, but the series is expected back.

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It looks like John Constantine is here to stay. At the time, the show's executive producers stated it was a one-time only appearance, but Ryan has been a guest star on multiple episodes of the current third season of Legends of Tomorrow, and is slated to return for the show's season finale.

And while official word regarding Legends of Tomorrow's renewal has yet to officially come down, it seems to be in the bag at this point. Captain Sara Lance once again finds herself in trouble with Mallus and the team contacts the occult expert down.

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Despite NBC's cancellation, Ryan has remained committed to the role and voices the role in the CW Seed animated series Constantine, which will debut on the digital platform March 24. Constantine was featured in an episode this season on Legends attempting to rid Damian Darque's daughter of a demon, only to tell Nate that if Sara's own demon appeared, they should kill her. Like many others before him, he has jumped around the Arrowverse and will now be a part of the Legends.

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