Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
Sci-tech | By Brandy Patterson

NASA begins assembly, test, and launch operations for Mars 2020 rover

NASA begins assembly, test, and launch operations for Mars 2020 rover

"The closest mission is very soon, we are planning to launch a mission to Mars in 2019".

"We shall carry out unmanned and later crewed spaceflights for further studying of the space, a Moon program, and then research on Mars", Putin said. This would beat the planned Nasa mission to the red planet by a year.

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In 2021, Luna-26 will be sent to the Moon, while Luna-27 will arrive there in 2022 and drill the Moon's surface up to 6.5 feet deep and examine its composition.The manned missions will follow the unmanned ones.Russian Federation will also look fro traces of life on the mars together with the European Space Agency. He made the statement in a documentary by reporter Andrey Kondrashov.

Mars 2020 rover and its science instruments, which are being developed and fielded utilize new technologies developed by NASA's Space Technology Program, its Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, and various global partners. The crane's parts, including the cruise stage, aeroshell, and descent stage, along with the rover itself, are scheduled for assembly at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's (JPL) Spacecraft Assembly Facility High Bay 1, where historic probes such as the Mars rovers, Mariner mission to Venus, and Ranger missions to the Moon were constructed.

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"Our specialists will try to make landings on the poles, because there is reason to believe that there can be water there".

Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, and the European Space Agency are cooperating on the ExoMars rover mission. Apart from that, it will search for the possible habitability of the planet's environment and will examine different place to get information about ancient microbial life. Last month, Russian social media users reacted with a mixture of self-irony and pessimism over the country's space prospects after Musk's company, SpaceX, successfully launched a Tesla auto into Mars' orbit.

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NASA's upcoming Mars mission is now progressing slowly and already delayed.

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