Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
Culture&Arts | By Laurence Reese

Ninja Plays Fortnite With Drake, Smashes Twitch Viewership Record

Ninja Plays Fortnite With Drake, Smashes Twitch Viewership Record

What happens when the world's most popular Fortnite player teams up to play with one of the world's most popular rappers?

Speaking during the stream, Drake said he had been playing Fortnite for a couple of months and had used it during breaks from recording sessions to relax.

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Seeing a mainstream celebrity play alongside a Twitch streamer helped bring a lot of new viewers to the platform and it didn't treat Fortnite or gaming as a gimmick. Most importantly, Ninja asked Drake what he thinks about pineapple on pizza.

The stream's first milestone was reached shortly after it went live, with 200,000 viewers.

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The game had a few technical issues to begin with thanks to the sheer number of friend requests that Drake received the moment his PlayStation account name became public knowledge. The highest point was somewhere in the 630,000 range. The duo played alongside rapper Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steelers' Juju-Smith Schuster, with their squad taking on other players in the game (and a few stream snipers to boot).

The previous record for concurrent viewers was 388,000, previously held by someone named Dr Disrespect, who, obviously, has been utterly disrespected by being completely blown out of the water. Drake could hilarious be heard talking strategy and making his comments/ adlibs throughout his play of course as well.

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Ninja also recently hit 100,000 subscribers on Twitch, and reports of his success made him so popular that Drake started following his social channels, which is likely how this stream came along.

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