Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Google launches digital addressing system Plus Codes

Google launches digital addressing system Plus Codes

Search engine giant Google announced the launch of new "Plus Codes" feature for the Google Maps in India on March 13.

Lastly, Google has rolled out support for voice navigation in Maps in six more Indian languages, which include Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Hindi was introduced in voice navigation three years back. To tackle the problem, Google has developed what they call "Plus Codes", an open source method of mapping locations that are considered off the grid otherwise.

This system is based on dividing the geographical surface of the Earth into tiny "tiled areas", attributing a unique code to each of them.

To enhance the discovery of addresses, Google has introduced Plus codes for locations, which are six characters along with city codes.

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Users can use the codes to access specific areas of the map by entering it in the search box on Google Maps app, mobile or desktop version, which will instantly show a location corresponding to the entered code. The feature zeroes in on a location based on the Plus Code provided by the user.

"To solve the issue of addresses, Google has introduced a new "open sourced solution" with the name 'Plus Codes".

"Plus codes can be used for a wide variety of reasons, including communicating the venue of a temporary event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations, providing an identifiable location of complicated addresses".

The company is aiming to improve the address search in the country by organising the location-related information while making it more accessible and relevant.

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Engineer at Google Maps, said the company has collaborated with the team at Japanese video game company Nintendo "to let Mario accompany you on all of your driving adventures on Google Maps this week". This is similar to real-life interactions where a person isn't aware of an exact address, but shares other information such as a nearby landmark, business or a locality to get closer to the final destination. Users will also get points for each successful submission. To use this option, Go into the Google Maps app [search for a location (say, Karol Bagh)] Add a Missing Place House or Apartment. Mario with his old Kart will be helping the people using Google maps to find their way.

Google Maps Six Codes: Is it replacing local addresses in a nerdy way?

In addition to this, a majority of addresses are hard to locate, especially those of people living in remote locations. "And we are just getting started as we continue to build features and expand our partnerships to make the Google Maps experience more comprehensive, accurate, and reliable for our users", said product lead, Google Maps Next Billion Users, Krish Vitaldevara.

"With Plus Codes we are not saying that people are going to stop using their address over night".

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