Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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President Trump Wants To Create A 'Space Force' To Fight Space Wars

President Trump Wants To Create A 'Space Force' To Fight Space Wars

And some said a military space force may make it harder to keep Earth's orbit a place of peace.

"We should have a new force called the Space Force", he said, noting how the plan started as a joke before eventually becoming a very real possibility.

The problem is Trump's administration actively opposed the idea of a Space Force a year ago.

Republican congressman Mike Rogers, who proposed the idea, argued that the Air Force was prioritising its fighter jets over space, and a dedicated service was needed to stay ahead of China and Russian Federation in what was described as the next frontier of warfare. How about the Space Force instead? We have the air force, we'll have the space force.

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The commander-in-chief doesn't think the USA military is large enough - so he announced during a freakish press conference Tuesday that it will expand beyond planet Earth via a "space force". "I said 'maybe we need a new force". Maybe we'll have to do that'.

McCurdy, O'Keefe and others said any space force would probably consist of cadets on the ground operating robotic systems in space.

Trump touted his proposed military addition as the next "big breaking story". However, that's not happening anytime soon.

Which branch of the U.S. military would you like to enlist in?

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The proposed Space Corps would have functioned like the Marine Corps does within the US Navy; it would have been responsible for overseeing all of the Air Force's operations in space.

The battle for Mars between Elon Musk's space mercenaries and Trump's Space Force is going to be tremendous. The goal was for the USA to stay ahead of rivals like Russian Federation and China, which are advancing in space-related military operations.

It's not entirely clear what he means by "develop another one".

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