Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
Global | By Marsha Munoz

President Trump to Inspect Border Wall Prototypes in Calif. Tuesday

President Trump to Inspect Border Wall Prototypes in Calif. Tuesday

The president will arrive in San Diego Tuesday morning, marking the first time he has visited the Golden State since taking office.

"Under this premise, we will continue working constructively on the bilateral relationship with the United States".

He went on to say, "We invite you to come aboard and truly 'Make America Great Again'".

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The San Francisco-to-Los Angeles bullet train, approved by voters in 2008, has become a legacy project for California's four-term governor, even as major financing and logistical problems have beset it. Construction for the train began in Fresno in 2015, but that first segment through the Central Valley is not yet fully funded. Last week, officials at the agency responsible for building the bullet train system released a new business plan that raised the cost to at least an estimated $77.3 billion.

The project, however, provides a potential opportunity for cooperation between Democrat Brown and Republican Trump, who has publicly expressed his admiration for high-speed rail lines in other countries. The federal Justice Department recently filed a lawsuit over sanctuary city legislation, and California has filed a suit at the federal government over plans to expedite construction of the border wall.

California Governor Jerry Brown gestures as Attorney General Xavier Becerra laughs during a press conference at the California State Capitol on March 7, 2018 in Sacramento, California.

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Two rallies were scheduled Monday ahead of President Donald Trump's visit to San Diego on Tuesday. "We are already putting 1,700 Americans to work".

But our prosperity is not built on isolation. "Quite the opposite. California thrives because we welcome immigrants and innovators from across the globe".

He referenced President George W. Bush, who, according to Brown said, "For decades, California has been the place where the future happens first".

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"I mean, frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from California, you would have a crying mess like you've never seen in California", Trump said weeks ago, warning there would be "crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country". The administration has had a contentious relationship with California lawmakers and sued the state just last week over three laws it says makes federal immigration enforcement more hard.

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