Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Arizona Bride Got Busted For DUI On The Way To Her Wedding

Arizona Bride Got Busted For DUI On The Way To Her Wedding

It is not clear why Amber Young, 32, was on her own as she headed to the wedding, but she is said to have been involved in a three-vehicle crash on her way there.

A bride-to-be was arrested on the way to her wedding for DUI Monday in Marana, Arizona. Police believed she was impaired. One person was transported with minor injuries, ' he wrote.

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The bride was arrested, then later released after she submitted to a blood draw and signed a criminal citation, agreeing to show up in court.

I know that getting married is a special time in the lives of a lot of people as they are shocked they've found another human to deal with them the rest of their life.

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Arizona has some of the harshest DUI laws in the country, according to KPHO in Arizona.

Bride to be, Amber Young, knows just what that feels like. In fact, the state's law allows for legal consequences even if someone is impaired to a slight degree. Do you think the arrest was humiliating enough or do you feel that it's an understandable outcome as a result of her actions?

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