Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Xbox One Spring update to bring support for AMD FreeSync monitors, more

Xbox One Spring update to bring support for AMD FreeSync monitors, more

Microsoft dropped some big news during the season premiere of its "Xbox Inside" show, which it streamed online over the weekend. Xbox systems will be able to tell displays to enable or disable their respective game modes automatically when the user starts or exits a game.

The Xbox One X and Xbox One S update offering FreeSync and Auto Low Latency Mode will be released by Microsoft later this spring and will be compatible with AMD PC monitors and upcoming TVs.

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FreeSync, like Nvidia's G-Sync, helps remove tearing or stuttering usually associated with gaming on monitors, as the technology syncs refresh rates to ensure games run smooth. There are 4K FreeSync monitors, ultrawide FreeSync monitors, 1440p FreeSync monitors, 1080p FreeSync monitors.

This mode will detect when a game is launched from the Xbox interface and will automatically switch the TV to low-latency mode or game mode. Most FreeSync displays don't enable the variable-refresh technology below 48 Hz or so unless their top-end is over 120 Hz-a characteristic that lets them support AMD's Low Framerate Compensation.

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Given that Xbox uses the AMD APU, it makes sense that Microsoft would allow it to support FreeSync and this would be the first time a console to support such a feature. If anyone happens to use Mixer for game streaming, they'll be able to let viewers take control of the game remotely using a virtual or physical controller.

Many modern TVs have a low-latency "game mode" which turns off any special processing of image and motion that the TV does for movies or other programs. Microsoft says the update is coming "later this spring".

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