Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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'Tomb Raider' Remastered Games Coming to Steam Free for Owners of Originals

'Tomb Raider' Remastered Games Coming to Steam Free for Owners of Originals

As such, they're full of performance issues and are, well, just not all that fun to play.

While they will look very much like the originals, all three Tomb Raider games are getting updated for Steam, courtesy of Realtech VR. Bringing Tomb Raider to iOS and Android meant they recreated the game engine in OpenGL, added a few more modern effect like ambient occlusion and better shadowing.

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The remastered versions of Tomb Raider 1, 2, and 3 have not been given a release date yet but we'll keep you posted. Owners of the original DOS Tomb Raider games on Steam will be happy to learn that they will receive the newly-remastered games for free when they release.

Furthermore, these remasters properly support Xbox 360/One controllers, include the Unfinished Business & The Golden Mask DLC packs, and come with numerous bug fixes.

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As Realtech VR claimed, these remasters will require the purchase of the DOS version of each game being sold on Steam.

This is great news for fans of the original as well as younger players who only know Lara Croft via later games. In other words, think of these remasters as ZDoom which can play all Doom games. Realtech VR shared the videos of Tomb Raider 1 and Tomb Raider 2. Basically the remasters will use the original games' install packages, and that is why the remasters will only be available on Steam, too.

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Are These Tomb Raider Games Really Free? There will be news in the upcoming months. Until then, stay tuned!

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