Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Paul Ryan Breaks With Trump Over Tariffs Amid NAFTA Talks

Paul Ryan Breaks With Trump Over Tariffs Amid NAFTA Talks

Trump says the US has had a "very bad deal" with Mexico under the NAFTA agreement but he says the tariffs "could be part of NAFTA". Those negotiations that already had hit serious roadblocks over United States demands.

Last week, the Trump administration announced it would use section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on the argument that they threaten USA national security.

The new import duty on China is said to be aimed at Chinese steel, which is quite often dumped in the USA market.

"We have had a bad deal with Mexico". In another tweet, Trump said Canada must treat American farmers much better.

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So Trump's tariffs would inevitably result in higher prices for USA consumers, and those in other countries, including Canada, as well. Our friends and enemies have taken advantage of the US for many years.

Navarro said Monday on "Fox &Friends" 'if we get a great NAFTA agreement. that would be a great thing for the American people'. It's a small business with 32 employees and not much room to absorb increases in the cost of steel and aluminum.

Mexico's Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo in a tweet said the threat is "the wrong way to incentivise the creation of a new & modern NAFTA". "The NAFTA agreement dates from 1984, it's all benefits that we [now] stand to lose from a cancellation of NAFTA or higher tariffs". Kim plans to meet with senior officials and lawmakers, including U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

President Trump has responded to criticism by arguing trade wars are good when there is an imbalance and that they are "easy to win". With even senior Republicans such as House speaker Paul Ryan calling on Trump to pull back, all eyes will now be on whether the planned announcement of the tariffs goes ahead this week and if so what the detail will be. "Not a half a million dollars, not 12 cents, we lost $800 billion a year on trade", he said.

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Like nearly every broadside over trade war so far, his latest message was sent in a Twitter post with little explanation.

He warned Mr Trump that Britain's experience showed his plan would not work.

Ryan and others are concerned the tariffs will hurt the economy, which they say is now being helped by the Trump tax cuts.

The EU has vowed to retaliate against US-made consumer goods such as Harley-Davidson motorcycles and blue jeans.

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In addition, they're concerned a risky trade war could be on the horizon if the president goes through with the special import taxes. Congress has the power to stop the president from starting a trade war.

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