Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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Sam Nunberg Says He'll Cooperate With Mueller. But What Does He Know?

Sam Nunberg Says He'll Cooperate With Mueller. But What Does He Know?

The statement marks a significant departure from comments Nunberg made during an impromptu media blitz on Monday, when he called Mueller's subpoena "absolutely ridiculous" and said he would not cooperate with a "witch hunt" that could harm the longtime Republican strategist and Trump adviser Roger Stone, whom Nunberg sees as his "mentor".

"I'm not going to produce every email I had with Roger Stone and Steve Bannon from November 1 of 2015", he told Katy Tur.

Nunberg adds he was angry about being asked to share his email conversations with a long list of ex-campaign aides, he doesn't think the subpoena is fair, and he'd like Mueller's team to narrow its scope of inquiry.

He promised to refuse a subpoena he says he received that compels him to meet with a grand jury, dared Mueller to arrest him for contempt, and speculated wildly about the Trump team's knowledge of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

During the course of his appearances, when MSNBC host Katy Tur asked Nunberg if he believed Mueller had any evidence of wrongdoing by Trump, Nunberg said "he may". "To which I said, 'Absolutely nyet!".

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Axios reported early Tuesday that Nunberg had anonymously provided the subpoena to reporter Jonathan Swan over the weekend. "Let me just give them what they want because there's nothing there anyway". Nunberg has denied being intoxicated during the interviews multiple times.

A lawyer for Nader did not respond to requests for comment.

No! You know what pissed me off?

Refusing to assist Mueller would seem to be help enough; why go on a media blitz saying all kinds of freaky things?

Mr. Nunberg said on Tuesday that he had not been drinking, and that recounting his experience with the Trump campaign, one he said had been professionally devastating, had simply opened up old wounds on live television.

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So, after all that-Nunberg has made a decision to comply with the subpoena, but not after also going after Jared Kushner, whom he calls a "stupid ass", and criticizing Trump for throwing Bannon under the bus. "But I don't know that for sure".

Still, he told MSNBC that he thought Trump "may have done something during the election".

"Here's what it was: A sad, epic meltdown - a troubled Trump flunky, pecked at and picked apart like roadkill on the Russia Interstate, in his last gasps of public fame and shame", Allen and VandeHei wrote in a piece called "Awful scandal porn: Nunberg gone wild".

Yet, Nunberg can't just ignore a federal subpoena. When asked if he was referring to her personality and not appearance, Nunberg said, "Yeah, I'm not making a judgment about her bad appearance, because that would be very rude and not politically correct".

Aaron Blake is senior political reporter for The Washington Post political blog, The Fix.

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