Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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Juelz Santana On The Run After Found With Gun At Newark Airport

Juelz Santana On The Run After Found With Gun At Newark Airport

NY reported, that Santana was making his way through security at Newark International Airport when a gun was found inside of his bag.

A Port Authority spokeswoman was able to confirm that there was an incident at Newark Airport where TSA found an item of concern and the person fled the airport, leaving the item behind.

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Police are hoping to bring him to justice considering, ya know, it's kind of illegal to try to bring a firearm through airport security.

Santana, real name LaRon Louis James, is said to have bolted out of the airport upon TSA agents finding the gun. He fled the scene when TSA found a gun inside his luggage and cops are now on the hunt for him.

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According to law enforcement, Santana underwent a security screening at 6 p.m. EST when the agents discovered the gun in his bag.

Juelz left the gun and his entire luggage behind when he realized the gun had been found.

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Police immediately put out an APB for his arrest but they are still to locate his whereabouts.

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