Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Intel unveils Optane SSD 800P

Intel unveils Optane SSD 800P

Intel has launched its new Optane SSD 800P and according to the reports, it possesses read and write speeds that are on par, if not a little better than the current PCIe NVMe standard. Pricing, however, is still high: U.S. retailers have set pre-orders at $129 for the 58GB and $199 for the 118GB models (around £93 and £144 respectively, excluding taxes.) The devices are expected to hit United Kingdom retailers later this month. The companies describe that technology as the first significant memory breakthrough since NAND flash memory was introduced in 1989. Like many of Intel's other solid state drives, the Optane SSD 800P family also carries a full 5 year warranty.

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"The 800P excels with low queue depth random workloads, where most client system activity takes place, and offers uncompromising responsiveness and throughput", said Intel. With up to 250,000 IOPS random reads, and up to 145,000 IOPS random writes.

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Unlike the spinning-platter hard disk drives found in PCs, laptops, and other devices, solid-state drives provide non-volatile memory without moving parts. However, a new Intel development of the Optane SSD provides an alternative that is finally being brought to the average consumer.

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"As we enter 2018, our vision is clear: We must enable our customers to break the bottlenecks in real-time data access and to store more data in an affordable, easily accessible manner that creates value for their businesses", Crooke said. For those among you looking to be early adopters, the 58GB model will set you back US$129 (~RM504), while the 118GB model is priced at US$199 (~RM778).

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