Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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Google Assistant Now Understands Custom Commands for Third-Party Products

Google Assistant Now Understands Custom Commands for Third-Party Products

Finally, here's a big one, OEMs will now be able to add custom Assistant commands to their devices. While on its own the Google Assistant isn't there just yet, with some creative makers and developers, it's well on its way. Under the Android Go banner, we've already seen YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, and even a brand new service called Files Go meant to clear up storage space on your device.

Further, users will be able to subscribe to notifications from Actions.

Lastly, Google Assistant also now allows you to ask for periodic notifications from apps that support Actions, such as Forbes' "Quote of the Day".

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Ever since its inception previous year, Google has been adding a ton of new features to the Google Assistant.

Assistant Actions now support something Google is calling "Custom Device Actions". The latest update adds more functionality to this feature.

While I typically use my Google Assistant to play music, control my lights and set timers, it's easy to dream about what else could be possible-like an Assistant that could help organize my sock drawer or bring me a cold drink while relaxing on the couch. Once the update is official a user will be able to record and send a 30 sec video message if and when the recipient is not picking up the call or declines the call for some odd reason. The new support allows Actions to send alerts like "newly added workout, a change in a stock price, or a news alert, right when it happens".

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These zany abilities aside, Assistant now supports better media playback integration, extending its functions beyond just podcasts to TV shows, interviews and interactive stories, along with support for a better carousel inside the Assistant window for more convenient interaction with visual content. This new feature enables the Google Assistant to understand particular voice commands. Additionally, users can now use voice commands to pause or replay media.

Before now, users had to invoke an Action by saying "talk to LG" before issuing a command but now a user can directly say what he or she wants LG's connected appliance to do making the process much faster and interaction more natural.

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