Published: Fri, March 02, 2018
Business | By Kate Woods

Lego Promises to Start Using Sustainable Plant-Based Plastics This Year

Lego Promises to Start Using Sustainable Plant-Based Plastics This Year

In an official statement, Tim Brooks, the Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at LEGO, said, "We are proud that the first Lego elements made from sustainably-sourced plastic are in production and will be in Lego boxes this year".

Lego is finally planning to start doing something about the masses of plastic it introduces to the lovely old world each year, with 2018 set to see the first "sustainable" Lego pieces brought into its sets.

This move is part of the LEGO Group's new commitment to use sustainable materials in core products and packaging, as well as to achieve zero waste in its operations, by 2030.

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The company said that although the new items are made from polyethylene, a soft and flexible plastic, they look and feel just like classic Lego pieces and will fit together seamlessly.

Lego said the sustainably-sourced items would account for only 1-2 percent of the total amount of plastic pieces it produces, adding that it has joined a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) program to ensure the raw material is sustainable.

Brands including Coca-Cola Co, Nike Inc and Procter & Gamble Co have previously taken steps to accelerate the use of sustainably-sourced plastic made from plant materials.

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Lego bricks have been made with a strong, oil-based plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene since 1963, although other pieces in its sets do not need such strong and hard materials.

The new botanical products are made from polyethylene - which is made from ethanol produced from sugarcane - and will make up between one and two per cent of all the plastic elements Lego makes.

All suppliers must comply with the LEGO Group's Code of Conduct, which specifies strict requirements for ethical, environmental and health & safety standards based on leading global guidelines. Several aspects influence the sustainability of a material.

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Through investments in wind power, the energy used to make LEGO bricks is balanced by the production of renewable energy.

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