Published: Fri, March 02, 2018
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Khloe thinks brother Rob is 'trapped' in his body

Khloe thinks brother Rob is 'trapped' in his body

Some also took issue with Kardashian traveling in the first place, especially to such a far-away locale, considering she's planning on giving birth in Cleveland, Ohio, where Thompson is based most of the year.

"[Kisses] from Tokyo", she captioned the picture.

Since Khloe Kardashian announced that she is expecting her first child, fans have wanted to know one thing - whether she's expecting a boy, or another little KarJenner girl.

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"A newborn and kids leaves the country for business!" one Facebook commenter started and then proceed to accuse Thompson's girlfriend of complaining about her pregnancy. The pretty blonde has made a decision to respond to his critics on his Twitter account: "people have a lot of opinions about my round belly".

"You feel trapped in your own body, and I feel that way for my brother, who has gained a lot of weight".

But some Kardashian supporters are coming to KoKo's defense saying, "For those saying she shouldn't fly, I'm sure her Dr. gave her the OK to do so". She's got her Good American line to run, she's got her family's reality TV show and, oh right, she's 8 months pregnant while juggling it.

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Another fan wrote with concern, "Woman I know you lead a busy life but you gotta slow down". It's really easy to fall in love with someone during a honeymoon phase when you haven't yet discussed the logistics of life.

"She was excited about the trip".

'I'm allowed to travel according to my dr, ' Kardashian tweeted Wednesday.

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During the last episode of KUWTK, Khloe said she plans to follow Kim's example and eat her baby's placenta which is actually bad but what made her say that?To know more, make sure you are getting updated by following the show on É!.

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