Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
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How To Watch Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds For Free

How To Watch Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds For Free

America will get to vote to change the game on Celebrity Big Brother, but it's not a big change.

At least Omarosa gave us a little more dirt on her time in the White House, this time targeting Sean Spicer.

So far as a contestant on CBS's all-star edition of Big Brother, Omarosa has revealed things are worse than you think in the White House and she wouldn't vote for Trump again in a "million years".

Mark said in the Diary Room that he intentionally lost the game because his strategy was to be a floater for a while. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our CBBUS recaps, videos, news, spoilers & more, right here! Shannon thinks Ariadna is the flawless person to win as she thinks she is safe with this win.

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Ross, Marissa, Omarosa, James and Mark voted to evict Shannon, while Brandi casted the lone vote for Mark.

VIP Veto: This Power of Veto can be used once, twice or not at all.

Ross therefore suggested they nominate Omarosa and Metta World Peace just so James and Shannon would be convinced everyone was playing along with them and then they could backdoor Shannon.

The first houseguest nominated for eviction is James and the second is Shannon. And she gets extra points for being completely shameless about it.

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With this plan in motion, Ross, Brandi, Ari and Marissa solidified an alliance, and Ross said they couldn't allow anything or anyone to break them up.

Meanwhile, Shannon thinks everything is ok with her alliance.Time for the HoH competition, outside in the backyard the set looks like the inside of a ship and it is a round of golf. She talked to Mark, Metta and James, trying to convince them to take him out. When the time came to plead their cases, Mark reminded his fellow celebrities who's been doing the dishes (him!), while Shannon chose to use her final words to raise awareness for her anti-poaching organization. James needed her to keep it together.

Shannon is a huge Big Brother fan and she knows what it means when people don't look you in the eye. Meanwhile, Marissa can't believe that everything went insane before the live eviction and their plan to backdoor Shannon foiled.

OK, back to the game: Upon realizing that almost everyone in her original alliance had since turned on her, Shannon Elizabeth dissolved into a puddle of despair, announcing that she was "not going to fight" anymore. The episode ended with Shannon crying about how the house had been against her since Day 1 and she didn't have much fight left in her.

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