Published: Sun, February 18, 2018
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Full performance, its close to confirm her pregnancy

Full performance, its close to confirm her pregnancy

There are many reasons why Cardi B could appear to be pregnant if she's not. The Migos are also very hot right now.

Cardi B was seen wearing a bra and track trousers and sang in her Instagram story video, that immediately went viral as people were convinced it was proof that she is not expecting a child.

Earlier in the week, a report went viral about B possibly having a bun in the oven based on her actions at a Super Bowl LII Maxim party.

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Both could be seen in the video of her having fun in her bra and Nike trousers.

Cardi who certainly doesn't look like she's pregnant, later spoke to TMZ while leaving her hotel in NYC, to catch a flight to L.A. for the NBA All-Star Weekend. It would seem that the person of the team then confirmed that she was pregnant the last three/four months. While Cardi's reps have allegedly suggested that he is, the rapper suggested otherwise.

While taking a stroll down Rodeo Drive, a cameraman approached Offset to ask if he was ready to be father.

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When asked by TMZ if he was ready to be a father Offset said: 'I'm already a father to three, I don't know what the hell you talking about'.

"Excited about what?" he asked, "My kids two, two and eight". Offset simply responded "no" that she isn't pregnant and walked into the next store. "I don't got no other possibilities".

The cameraman didn't like the response, so he pressed Offset for a "yes" or "no" answer.

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You can watch the full exchange below.

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