Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
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More than 54000 United States bridges structurally deficient

More than 54000 United States bridges structurally deficient

More than 50,000 bridges across the USA are falling apart and endangering drivers, according to a new report.

As for Florida's structurally deficient bridges, four of the most traveled bridges on the list are along I-95 near Daytona and Jacksonville.

Nearly 1,000 bridges across Tennessee are being called "structurally deficient" in a scathing report by the American Road and Transportation Association.

29 revealing deficiencies in a significant portion of the bridges that link the highway system. "And any one of those three things are given a rating, and if the ratings get to a certain level on one of those three the bridge is considered structurally deficient", Iowa DOT Bridge Maintenance and Inspection Engineer Scott Neubauer said.

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No further repairs are planned for the two D7 bridges as Bayway E at Tierra Verde will start replacement this year.

The report reveals that deficiencies plague bridges on US routes and interstate highways.

The average age of structurally deficient bridges in the United States is 67, meaning the Sarasota County bridge was almost 30 years newer than the average bridge with structural concerns.

Over the last five years, bridge investment has accounted for 22.4 percent of highway and bridge contract awards in the state, compared to an average of 28.9 percent nationwide. That rating typically means that one of the key elements on the bridge is in poor or worse condition.

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The Sarasota County bridge in question, according to the ARTBA study, has 24,750 daily crossings and is classified by ARTBA as a rural interstate bridge, of which there are 577 in Florida.

Neubauer said the bridges with the most issues were built before 1980.

The state has identified needed repairs on 693 bridges; which the state estimates will cost $1.7 billion. President Donald Trump is supposed to discuss his long-awaited infrastructure package at the State of the Union address January 30. Hes expected to discuss the countrys crumbling infrastructure.

Read the full story on NBC News' website here.

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"While these bridges may not be imminently unsafe, they are in need of attention", ARTBA's press release on the analysis states. "The Department of Transportation looks forward to continuing our work with state and local interests to revitalize the nations roads and highways, offering improved safety, new jobs, and a better quality of life for the American people".

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