Published: Sun, January 21, 2018
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United States to bring its military to unprecedented level

United States to bring its military to unprecedented level

"Russia has violated the borders of nearby nations and pursues veto power over the economic, diplomatic, and security decisions of its neighbors", it continues.

"(MENAFN - Colombo Gazette) wp-image-121003" src="" alt=" width="309" height="221" / US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said competition between great powers, not terrorism, is now the main focus of America's national security.

While the military's defense strategy is hawkish, experts said that may not cause a negative impact on U.S.

He said building a force that can deter war with established and emerging military powers in Moscow and Beijing, and USA enemies such as North Korea and Iran will require increased investment to make the military more lethal, agile and ready to fight.

And the Chinese military modernization program, it adds, is created to achieve "regional hegemony in the near-term and displacement of the United States to achieve global preeminence in the future".

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China, on the other hand, was described as economically and militarily ascendant by the document. To deter enemies, the military has to make it hard, if not impossible, for them to interfere with USA satellites.

Mattis said that USA defense strategy will also be shaped around halting rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea.

The report accused North Korea and Iran of destabilizing regions through their pursuit of nuclear weapons or sponsorship of terrorism. Taking on such threats can only be done through investment in weapons technology and intelligence, as well as partnerships and diplomacy, the document says, without acknowledging plans to offset the plans to cut about 30% of State Department budget. "Our competitive edge in every domain of warfare - air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace - is eroding", Mattis said in the speech.

"We need a budget and we need budget predictability if we're to sustain our military's primacy", he said. "I think that there is a lot to do with the recognition that we are each other's huge trading partners", he said on Friday afternoon at a conference call organized by the Atlantic Council.

The document references Chinese and Russian efforts to modernize their militaries and invest in ways meant to undermine the U.S. military's relative strengths.

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The new U.S. defense strategy mirrored the U.S. National Security Strategy announced by President Donald Trump in December, which outlined the U.S. government's military and foreign policies while naming China and Russian Federation as "competitors".

China has denounced the United States government for its Cold War and zero-sum mentality as reflected in its new national defence strategy.

Previous defense chiefs long warned about China, and the Obama administration put a greater focus on the Asia-Pacific region, including by adding ships and troops.

Trump said Thursday he was at the Pentagon to support the military, which would "lose big" without proper funding. "That's all correct, just seemed to be at variance with what's happening elsewhere in the government, including the White House".

"It's therefore expected that the US National Defense Strategy, which cites Tehran as Washington's premier regional adversary, would have Mattis' fingerprints all over it". "As you know its been depleted over the last long period of time and when we finish there won't be anything like it".

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