Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
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WWE Mixed Match Challenge: Banks & Bálor vs Nattie & Nakamura

WWE Mixed Match Challenge: Banks & Bálor vs Nattie & Nakamura

Renee Young and Byron Saxton are on the floor as hosts. This team isn't as close-knit as their opponents, but that's understandable considering they haven't known each other almost as long, and half the time Shinsuke doesn't understand what Nattie is talking about. Natalya tagged out early, which led to both men entering the match for the first time to a nice ovation.

After an exchange, Balor held up the "too sweet" hand gesture.

"I haven't had this kind of an interaction with her since I had a match with her in NXT and that was years ago", said Natalya. Sasha got the better of it and hit double knees on Natalya for a two count. Nakamura spoke to Natalya at ringside. Banks tried a suicide dive on Nakamura, but he caught her and placed her on the ring apron.

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"I was so surprised that I got Nakamura and I was so happy because I want somebody that I'm going to have good chemistry with", admitted Natalya. The fact is WWE Mixed Match Challenge did very well. Graves grumbled that they should be watching the match, not messing around on the internet. And, if you are like a lot of us were last night and had no clue how to watch the challenge, here's how to go about it. Natalya tags back in, getting some boos from the crowd.

Banks and Balor both entered with jackets like Finn's, while Natalya and Nakamura both had Hart Foundation jackets. The action begins to pick up here, with Nakamura and Balor trading kicks. The women start things off and Natalya bails into the corner. Sasha and Finn too-sweeting before simultaneously dropkicking their opponent is also great, especially since it leads directly into the Banks Statement that wins the match.

One million views is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering the nature of WWE Mixed Match Challenge and the fact people will always be able to click on the video and watch Finn Balor and Sasha Banks take on Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura.

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Cole hyped that Balor and Banks could win $100,000 for Special Olympics...

Next week's match will be Big E and Carmella against the Miz and the undefeated Asuka. The Miz and Asuka for next week.

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