Published: Fri, December 22, 2017
Sports | By Brooke Harris

FSU Basketball destroys Southern Miss in non-conference finale

FSU Basketball destroys Southern Miss in non-conference finale

Florida State secured a bowl bid for a 36th consecutive season - what the school boasts as an ongoing national record - thanks to three straight wins to close out its schedule, concluding with a rescheduled game against Louisiana-Monroe on December 2.

A weird story broke on Thursday night regarding Florida State's upcoming participation in the Independence Bowl.

Florida State beat Delaware State in November by a score of 77-6 for its fourth win before beating Florida and then winning a rescheduled game with Louisiana-Monroe in order to reach 6 wins.

Given that we're less than a week away from the Independence Bowl between Florida State and Southern Miss, even Reddit acknowledges that nothing significant is likely to come of this report in terms of the Seminoles actually not playing in the game.

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That would mean the Seminoles are technically 5-6 as far as bowl eligibility is concerned.

Delaware State did not meet the NCAA's standard where it pertains to scholarship requirements, meaning that while the Seminoles win surely still counts in the record books, it should not have counted towards the team's attempts to make a bowl game in 2017.

Six wins are what it takes to be bowl-eligible, with some leeway for five-win teams to enter the mix if there aren't enough six-win teams to fill the myriad of games.

And it turns out that Reddit report was correct, but it is too late to replace Florida State with a bowl-eligible team that was left out of bowl season.

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If FSU, the ACC or NCAA would have caught the scholarship discrepancy before bowl bids were extended, one of those three schools would have gone bowling instead of FSU. However, the team rescheduled its game against Louisiana-Monroe on December 2 - which was moved because of complications of Hurricane Irma.

Assuming FSU plays in the bowl game, it will be the 36th straight year it will have done so, setting an NCAA record.

The good news is that Florida State does get a tune-up game with the Southern Miss Eagles at home. According to the Sentinel, Florida State and the ACC did not respond to a request for comment. Those three schools all qualified for a bowl, but were not selected.

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