Published: Wed, November 29, 2017
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Google keeps word, fixes burger emoji

Google keeps word, fixes burger emoji

In addition to correcting the cheese placement, the new beta also contains updated emojis for "Beer" and "Beers" filling up beer steins to the top so that the frothy head makes more sense. While Android Oreo 8.1 doesn't have a lot that's changed, Google CEO Sundar Pichai asked the team to "drop everything" to solve the issue.

For those who haven't been following this saga, Google broke the internet last month by releasing a cheeseburger emoji with the cheese below the patty and on top of the bottom bun.

Hastily avoiding a global conflict, Google fixed its cheeseburger emoji in the nick of time. However, the mistake was in the details.

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In Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2, Google has changed the place of the cheese slice and has brought it on top of the meat patty.

Well, according to Emojipedia, the hamburger emoji, now famously known as the cheeseburger, was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Samsung layers the sandwich as tomato, cheese, lettuce and then the patty, whereas Apple depicts its emoji as having tomato, cheese, patty, and then lettuce. There still exist different version of this emoji outside Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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The burger emoji isn't the only beloved food and drink item Google's upgrading. Clearly, that wasn't correct at all, and the new version fixes it for the single beer emoji and the "beers" emoji. As it turns out, the beer emoji was problematic as well.

Android 8.1 is under developer preview now, the full release is expected in late 2017.

As the Editor in Chief and founder of Emojipedia, as well as the creator of World Emoji Day, it was Burge's solemn duty to discover the second 8.1 developer preview finally fixes everything wrong with the most popular smartphone platform out there.

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