Published: Tue, November 28, 2017
Technology | By Christopher Mann

YouTube's battery drain problem on iOS devices is now fixed

YouTube's battery drain problem on iOS devices is now fixed

It's unclear to what extent the issue affected the combined iOS and YouTube user base, as reports varied.

Have you experienced abnormal battery drain issues with the YouTube app for iOS?

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While the app has always been a battery hog, the battery drain was so severe that watching a 15-minute clip could use more than 10% of the iPhone's battery. Basically, this means iPhone X users will now be able to take advantage of the whole screen, as toolbars have been included with the phone's unusual form factor. Many others complained more generally about the problem on Twitter and Reddit.

GRID Autosport requires an iPhone SE, iPhone 7 or newer, an iPad (2017) or any iPad Pro, and iOS 11 or later. This happened both when the app was running, and also when it stayed idle in the background, and some phones even heated until they reached an unusually high temperature. YouTube said earlier this month that it would investigate the matter, and now it is back with a fix. It turned out the version of the YouTube app was to blame.

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The fix apparently went live in version 12.44 release two weeks ago, according to Google, but the official announcement is only showing up in 12.45 today. For many, YouTube is the go-to app to watch music videos, tutorials, amusing clips, movie scenes, political debates, educational videos, cartoons, and whatnot.

Google would not say what caused the problem in the first place, only that it was now resolved.

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