Published: Tue, November 28, 2017
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Google reportedly working on a mid-range YouTube edition smartphone

Google reportedly working on a mid-range YouTube edition smartphone

Turning the phone on its side on the home screen, or presumably any other app where there's no dedicated landscape functionality, brings up a grid of YouTube videos to watch. The rumored "YouTube Edition" phone appeared in one of Google's alleged surveys, which describes the device as having optimized features that make it easier to watch videos and connect with YouTube creators. YouTube Go allows users to download videos and store them on their phone's memory or SD card for later view. The lightweight version of the original app lets you preview the size of the video file before you hit play, it lets you save these videos for offline viewing (something similar to YouTube Offline feature).

It is meant for users who don't have access to fast internet service.

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One of the biggest proposed features is the aforementioned hardware button, which works with a feature called "YouCapture", allowing users to quickly start capturing video to upload. On top of that, there's also a "Creator Connect" feature which sounds like Instagram "Stories" for video creators.

The survey also included a list of different specs for the "YouTube Edition" phone.

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Reportedly, the smartphone will feature a bezel-less design with 6.01-inch 18:9 LCD display. Some of the other named mentioned were "YouTube Edition by Android One", "YouTube Edition by LG" and "YouTube Edition by Samsung". This could suggest that Google is still in very early stages of development and the company might be planning on partnering with an OEM. The proposed price range fell between about $360 to $400.

There's really no telling where this survey is from, or even if Google really intends to use it to build a physical device.

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Also, users of the YouTube Edition phone would get extra 10GB of data every month for one year.

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