Published: Fri, September 22, 2017
Technology | By Christopher Mann

Apple Watch Series 3 has embarrassing glitch

Apple Watch Series 3 has embarrassing glitch

In a statement Wednesday, Apple said the problem connecting to mobile networks occurs when the Apple Watch Series 3-the first watch from Apple to feature an LTE chip for cellular service-joins "unauthenticated Wi-Fi wireless networks without connectivity".

Apple said the watch can experience LTE connectivity problems when it connects to open wi-fi networks such as at a hotel or a coffee shop.

The issue described in The Verge's review would seem to be avoidable if Apple Watch users could turn off Wi-Fi as one could on an iPhone, but the device doesn't have that option. "We are investigating a fix for a future software release". The price for the cellular-connected model starts at $399, plus a $10 per month wireless plan from one of the major carriers.

And of course the Apple Watch series 3 won't be cheap. "Also, most people actually trade in their current phone, and so that reduces the price further, and some carriers even throw in subsidies and discounts".

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It sounds as though you shouldn't buy the Apple Watch Series 3 until Apple works out some of these issues. Calls to your phone will go to the watch, and calls from the watch will appear on caller ID with your regular number. But we've got you covered.

Apart from connection issues, some reviewers were disappointed with the drain on the watch's battery while making calls. The addition of cellular LTE connectivity is the biggest change to the smartwatch.

"Apple Watch was created to help people stay active and motivated so they can have a better day and I am happy to tell you more people are doing that than ever before", he said.

The iPhone X has landed and so has the monster $999USD price tag Apple is asking for it. Tim Cook opened up to Good Morning America concerning that price tag, calling it a "value price".

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It sounds as though you should either buy the noncellular model or wait for Apple to fix the problems with a software update if you can.

"People who want a wearable device for things like fitness tracking and a quick glance at mobile notifications will probably be happy with the Series 3 without cellular, which costs $329". While Samsung did have a smartwatch with a modem in it, I could never get it to work well and this model never caught on.

"After testing the cellular watch for a week, I found it to be an excellent smart watch that is a significant improvement over the first Apple Watch, which was slow, confusing to use and deeply flawed".

"Audio quality for phone calls on the watch is very good", Gruber wrote.

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Apple's third watch features the ability to connect itself to the internet, but it's not living up to it is specifications. Approximately 88 percent of the global market use smartphones employed with the Android operating system, according to Strategy Analytics, rather than Apple's iOS, which makes up roughly 12 percent. I originally thought it was a design decision not to include voice feedback with Siri on Apple Watch and I highlighted this is my original Apple Watch review.

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